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We are a well established and respected small community school for 3-5 year old children located in North Surrey, BC. We have been working with families in the Fraser Heights area for over 12 years. We provide a caring, structured, challenging school environment for our young students and continued support to our families.

Our classroom environment is one of peacefulness, respectfulness and kindness that is based on the timeless Montessori methodology.


We are driven to establish a solid foundation and love of learning for 3-5 year old children. The first 5 years of life is the most crucial stage of development. We strongly believe that children of this age naturally absorb knowledge through their environment. The impressions they receive during this absorbent stage form their minds – they are not merely observed. The Montessori Prepared Environment, including the academic and non-academic materials, are a wealth for this stage of life. This structured early learning is natural, satisfying and necessary to developing confident, happy, independent individuals.